Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following General Terms and Conditions govern the rights and obligations between you and the technical service provider Daric JSC.

1. General information

1.1. Daric Card: (DC) is the exclusive payment method (debit card) for tourists entering Iran. The DC is issued and released in compliance with the regulatory requirements of the Iranian Central Bank. DC is issued exclusively as a debit card with access to the SHETAB network and entitles the country to withdraw ATMs and pay for POS devices.

1.2. Customer Service: Daric GmbH Daric GmbH is registered in Austria and acts exclusively on behalf of Daric JSC to provide customer support and to provide information about the DC and related services and issues:
Commercial register number: FN 464800 f
UID: ATU72918202
Address: Siebensterngasse 42-44/3
ZIP Code: 1070 Vienna
Phone: +43 664 185 7679
Email: office@daric.at

1.3. Card issuer: (KA)
Tejarat Bank:
Certified and monitored by the Iranian Central Bank as a credit institution and payment service provider
Address: No 130, Nejatollahi St., Taleghani St., Tehran, Iran
ZIP Code: 1598617818
Phone: +98-81041
Email: info@tejaratbank.ir
Fax: +98-21-4385-6407
Website: www.tejaratbank.ir

1.4.Technical service provider: (we/us)
Daric JSC: (we/us)
Samaaneh Gostar Daric Pars Ltd., based in Tehran, is an authorized company for online software and IT solution providers under the company registration number 511397.
Address: No 18, Emamzadeh St., Siamak Shekarabi St., Zargandeh, Tehran, Iran
ZIP Code: 1916883933
Phone: + 98-21-2263-9123
Email: support@daricpay.com
Fax: +98-21-4385-6407
Website: www.daricpay.com

1.5. By purchasing or using a DC, you agree to the validity of these terms and conditions, which constitute the contract between you and us. The contract is concluded for a limited period of 6 months from the date of activation and the contract language is German and English.

1.6. The terms and conditions are in the current version on our website, www.daricpay.com. under the link "Conditions" for download. Upon request, a copy of the Terms and Conditions can be made available at any time.

2. Acquisition of a Daric Card

2.1. Registration: The prerequisite for the acquisition of a DC is that you must be at least 18 years old. If you meet this requirement, you can register as follows.

1. Provide phone number, name, home address, and email address

2. After successful entry, you can log into the customer panel

3. In the customer panel, you must then complete the profile and provide the other required information

4. The transaction for acquiring your DC is available to you only after the necessary steps listed above.

2.2. Card application: After successful completion of item 2.1., The customer can apply for a DC. For this, it is necessary that he/she transmits a copy of his/her passport. Daric JSC will forward the name, address and copy of the first page of the passport copy to KA. ONLY this decides whether the DC may be issued or not. We accept no liability for the decision of KA. We act only as an intermediary and have no influence on the decision.

2.3. Delivery methods: The following are available for application:
A: postal delivery to the home address, the DC should be requested at least 30 days before entry into Iran. By selecting this method, you authorize us to receive your card and related documentation from the KA and forward it to you. We assume no liability for the shipping time, damage or loss of DC or accessories. The shipping costs will be charged to the applicant. These are automatically deducted from the account after receiving the card.

2.4. Personal pick-up on arrival at Imam Khomeini Airport, Tehran is free of charge. In that case, the card must be requested at least two weeks prior to entry into Iran. The issued card will be available at KA's authorized distributors at Imam Khomeini airport or at other distributors, if requested by the customer and announced in advance, from the stated arrival date. If the card is not picked up within seven days after the announced collection date, the account will be blocked, and the card will be returned to the KA headquarters. In this case, a processing fee for activation of the card is due.

2.5. For each DC, there will be a PIN assigned. When making an online purchase on the App / Website and the postal delivery of your DC (see 2.3 A), you will receive the PIN for the activation of your DC in electronic form, which is necessary for activation. In case of personal pick-up (see 2.4 B.) of the DC at Imam Khomeini Airport or at another distributor, the Authorized Distributor of KA will provide you with a hardcopy which is required for activation and deactivation. This paper print shows the pin as well as the serial number of your DC.

2.6. The PIN of the DC can be changed at your request. This can be done both by an authorized sales office of the KA and at each ATM (ATM) of the KA.

2.7. Your DC is not transferable to third parties. It is forbidden to trade, buy or sell DC through unauthorized internet platforms.

3. Uses of the DPC

3.1. You can make payments online or on-site with your DC and withdraw cash at ATMs. With your DC you can also make online payments with contractors of Daric JSC. You can use your DC for payments until the existing credit on the DC is used up.

3.2. Please note that the maximum total amount that can be loaded into a DC after the IRR value is 10000$ (approximately 400,000,000 IRR). In addition, you can withdraw a cash amount of 2,000,000 IRR from ATMs per day and any amount from bank branches of the KA.

3.3. You can always recharge your account balance by bank transfer to the account set up on our website / app; or by cash payment to authorized agents introduced by us in our website / app. You also have the option of unloading your balance when you are not using your credit.

3.4. Each time you pay with your DC, you will be prompted to enter your PIN. By entering the PIN you irrevocably grant the authorization to immediately debit the payment amount for the respective product or service from your DC. At the same time, you irrevocably authorize KA to arrange for this debit and the transfer to the dealer or seller.

3.5. By purchasing the DC, you will receive coupons and discounts for certain services that you can access at any time on the App / Website ().

3.6. By logging in to the APP / Website, (www.daricpay.com), you have access to various information about your card. This requires entering your customer password. Here you can always access your balance, your transaction overview, the current exchange rates, the authorized KA distribution points and ATMs in your area.

4. Safety and behavior in case of abuse

4.1. You are required to keep your DC safe and protect your PIN against unauthorized use by third parties. In your own interest, do not share your PIN with any third party.

4.2. In case of loss or theft, you must immediately have your DC blocked. The same applies if you suspect that another person has acquired unauthorized knowledge of your PIN, misuse or otherwise unauthorized use of your DC has occurred or threatens. In such a case, you can block your DC online as well as have it blocked at the KA's nearest authorized sales office.

4.3. In case of loss or theft, you can request a replacement DC after your DC has been blocked. Please note that the blocking of your card can not be reversed. For a replacement DC, a successful identification check must be made by an authorized KA distributor. The blocking of your DC in the case of loss or theft is free of charge. When applying for a replacement DC but a fee of about 50 cents. If you had credit available on your previous DC, this remainder can be transferred to your replacement DC.

4.4. If you decide to use your DC to purchase goods or services online, you will be asked to provide your card number or DaricPay User Info and your CVV2 in a payment window. To prevent misuse by spying your PIN or CVV2 over the Internet, make sure that it is our secure payment window at (https://www.daricpay.com) before entering your PIN or CVV2.

4.5. Our employees will never ask you to disclose your PIN or CVV2 to us or any third party, by telephone, email or otherwise. DC PINs are only to be entered directly on our app / website, as well as via our payment window. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of our Apps or Website, please contact the Account Manager under (support@daricpay.com).

5. Information about return exchange and cancellation

5.1. You are entitled at any time to request both the return exchange and the termination of your DC during the contract period.

5.2. You are always entitled to unload your remaining money in your account. For the return of your remaining money your personal bank details in the home country are required. A cash payment is only possible in Iran.

5.3. For the return of your remaining money is no minimum amount necessary. Your DC account balance, however, must be sufficient to cover the charges incurred in the return shipment. The return of the remaining balance can only be made while your account is active. (The validity of your DC expires six months after the date of issue)

5.4. In order to comply with the law, we are entitled and required to request the customer to verify his identity before the claim for reimbursement can be settled positively. The Customer agrees that we will verify its identity prior to disbursement of the Redemption Amount in order to prevent the risk of fraud, and to comply with Money Laundering Guidelines and other legal requirements.

6. Customer service and complaints

6.1. Daric GmbH:
Daric GmbH is our partner and contact point for information and support in Europe. Daric GmbH is registered in Austria under the following registration number and acts exclusively on behalf of Daric JSC to provide customer support and to provide information on the Daric Card and related services and issues:
Daric GmbH
Address: Siebensterngasse 42-44/3
ZIP Code: 1070 Vienna
Phone: +43 664 185 7679
Email: office@daric.at

Commercial register number: FN 464800 f
Register court: Commercial Court Vienna
UID: ATU72918202

6.2. If you are in any way dissatisfied with your DC or the way we design our service, please inform us by email (support@daricpay.com) so that we can investigate the circumstances for you , Each of your complaints will be dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

7. Liability of Daric JSC

7.1. For disputes arising from the contract concluded between you and us, the jurisdiction for the relevant court is in Tehran.

7.2. Daric JSC assumes no liability for damage caused by force majeure, civil unrest, war, natural disasters or other events beyond reasonable control.

7.3. The uninterrupted availability of the DC System is not guaranteed. We will let you know in good time on the DaricPay website about foreseeable technical maintenance that will affect or prevent the usability of the DaricPay system. You cannot derive any claims against us from the temporary non-availability of the Daric Card System.

7.4. We assume no responsibility or liability for the quality, safety, legality or any other aspect of the goods and / or services paid through DC. Disputes concerning transactions paid through the DC system must be settled directly with the Merchant.

7.5. You are obliged to inform us of any damage immediately. We may request information from you about any claims that are or may be relevant to the aforementioned liability to ensure that we have the information we need as early as possible to mitigate damage.

7.6. In case that you do not use your DC in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or we find out that you are fraudulently using the DC, we reserve the right to charge you all reasonable costs incurred by us as we take action to prevent you from further use of this DC. Furthermore, we reserve the right to claim compensation from you for all sums of money that we have to raise as a result of your actions.

8. Privacy

8.1. The customer expressly agrees that we will access, process and store all data required to provide the payment service. This does not affect the mutual rights and obligations under the Data Protection Act. The customer can revoke the consent by termination of the DC. If the customer revokes the consent in this way, the customer data will no longer be used for the stated purpose; However, the right to process the data for other legal reasons, such as when we are required by law to document transactions, remains unaffected. By using our services, the customer agrees to the privacy statement.

8.2. When acquiring and using the DC personal data of the customer are collected and used, as far as this is necessary for the performance of services, the provision of the system and due to legal obligations. For the purpose of system and abuse security we use cookies. The acceptance of these cookies is a prerequisite for the use of our website.

8.3.If you have agreed to receive such information, we will provide you with information regarding promotions, promotions and other benefits. Please refer to the privacy statement under (www.daricpay.com).

9. Change of the terms and conditions

9.1. We are entitled to change these terms and conditions. Changes will be announced to you by email two weeks before their entry into force. You must verify the changes made to this document after receiving the notice. It is agreed that your acceptance of the proposed change will be deemed to have been granted if you fail to notify your rejection in writing before the proposed change takes effect, otherwise the changes will be considered as accepted and become an effective part of the contract with you.

9.2. You are entitled to terminate the contract with us before the effective date of the change without notice. In this case you will be charged a return fee.

9.3. The mere extension of functionality, the introduction of new services or the modification of payment methods and contractors will not change the contract.

10. Transfer of the contractual relationship

10.1. We may assign rights and obligations under the contract with you to another company at any time, at least two weeks prior to this on our app / website. Your rights will not be affected in this case.

10.2. If you do not agree with the transfer, you are entitled to terminate the contract with immediate effect at your own expense until the transfer has come into force. The customer is not entitled to transfer rights and obligations from these terms and conditions to third parties.

11. Contract language and communication

11.1. Communication with you and communications to you will be in English and German.

11.2. For communications and declarations concerning the contractual relationships or related to them, you can, unless otherwise stipulated in these Terms and Conditions, address the following communication channels:
E-Mail: support@daricpay.com
Phone: +43 664 185 7679
Online: www.daricpay.com
Postal address: Siebensterngasse 42-44/3, 1070 Vienna, Austria